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The Tuscaloosa shale, a shortened name for the Tuscaloosa Marine shale, is an underground rock formation that extends all the way across central Louisiana into southern Mississippi. It is an oil and gas "play" (oil companies buy oil and gas leases there) that has seen renewed interest recently due to higher oil prices and also because it is close to being the same stratigraphic formation as the Eagle Ford shale of south Texas. It is slightly younger in age.

The Tuscaloosa shale / Tuscaloosa Marine shale has seen some drilling activity in the past 20 years, but it has not been commercial. Oil and gas companies are hoping that recent technological advances in drilling and completion techniques can turn the play into a commercial enterprise. Time will tell. Louisiana is fortunate, in that it also has another shale play, the Haynesville shale. To see where that play is in northwest Louisiana, see Haynesville shale map.

The Haynesville shale of northwest Louisiana and east Texas is a pure gas play, meaning it produces dry natural gas, with no oil and only miniscule amounts of natural gas liquids. This is as opposed to the Eagle Ford shale play of south Texas, where certain areas do produce oil and/or natural gas liquids. It is thought that the Tuscaloosa shale (Tuscaloosa marine shale), if found productive, will produce oil and/or natural gas liquids. This is important because the liquid component brings more money at this time than dry natural gas. Thus, it helps the potential of this play.

Oil & Gas Leases and Selling Mineral Rights

Mineral rights owners who wish to have their land explored cannot afford it on their own, as each well costs millions of dollars. Thus, you need an oil and gas exploration company to foot the bill. You will get a oil and gas lease bonus (signing bonus) and also there will be a provision for oil royalty and gas royalty. Oil royalties and gas royalties can be sweet if you are fortunate. However, oil and gas exploration is fraught with risk. Nothing is certain, for sure. Even from one spot to the next!

If you own mineral rights in the Tuscaloosa shale and wish to get an oil and gas lease on them, we suggest you contact Haynesville shale lease if you have some acreage. We regret that oil and gas companies cannot do much oil leasing or gas leasing for small lots at this time. The Haynesville shale is about 80% defined and the Tuscaloosa shale is brand new, with no commercial production at this point, so, it's very early in the game. We hope for the best for all!

Likewise, if you are interested in selling mineral rights and royalty rights in the Tuscaloosa shale play, it is a viable option for some to enjoy a nice cash payday. There are many reasons people elect to sell mineral rights, whether before or after they lease their land by signing and oil and gas lease, whether it be because they need money for this and that, or perhaps provide for retirement, or perhaps they just prefer a bird-in-the-hand cash settlement. Instead of waiting and hoping and risking that something good will happen with their mineral and royalty rights. If it is something you wish to consider, read up on how to sell mineral rights.

UPDATE 2015:
The TMS (Tuscaloosa Marine Shale) play has seen a number of wells drilled over the last several years. Production west of the Mississippi River has not proven to be commercial, it's not profitable. The companies EOG and Halcon have extensive leaseholds in several parishes and they did not have good results. So, far, in Louisiana, the only wells showing decent results are in Tangipahoa Parish. As for Mississippi, well results have been more encouraging. Two counties -- Amite County and Wilkinson County -- show the most promise. However, even there, we do not yet know if the play will be commercial. We need for crude oil prices to rise significantly for there to be hope, but, as for now, it resides here:
  • Amite County MS
  • Wilkinson County MS
Regarding this central Louisiana shale play, there is another Tuscaloosa shale map at Tuscaloosa-Marine-Shale.com. On the maps of the potential oil and gas leasing area, you can see that the following parishes are of interest for an oil lease and/or gas lease offer:
  • Allen Parish
  • Vernon Parish
  • Evangeline Parish
  • Beauregard Parish
  • Avoyelles Parish
  • St. Landry Parish
  • Concordia Parish
  • West Feliciana Parish
  • East Feliciana Parish
  • Rapides Parish
  • Point Coupee Parish
  • St. Helena Parish
  • Tangipahoa Parish
  • Washington Parish
  • Catahoula Parish
  • St. Tammany Parish
  • La Salle Parish
Whether you wish to call it the Tuscaloosa shale or the Tuscaloosa Marine shale, we wish the best for you and leasing land in Louisiana or Mississippi via an oil and gas lease.

UPDATE 2015: Very little leasing is going on in 2015. The only other option to enjoy some cash to sell mineral rights. Here is a site to learn about why you consider selling mineral rights. More info can also be found at this site.

Here's to your mineral rights and royalty rights!

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